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2014-08-19 13:22 GMT-05:00 Jeremy Malcolm <jmalcolm at eff.org>:

> The IGF Secretariat is seeking a couple of names for a civil society
> closing speaker.  Some people may have received Subi Chaturvedi's mail
> about this, but due to a mailing list misconfiguration, now fixed, some
> may not have. (The misconfiguration also means we are missing a couple
> of months of archived messages.)
> To make sure that all constituencies have input into this choice, the
> civil society coordination group is proposing to forward the names, and
> our task is to come up with some suggestions from within the Best Bits
> community to feed into that process.
> I would like to get the ball rolling by suggesting the name of Dr Burcu
> Kilic, who works for Public Citizen mainly on trade and access to
> medicines issues.  She is Turkish so she has a good perspective on the
> political situation there.  I have worked with her for several years on
> the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement and have admired her diplomacy,
> her scholarship and her development orientation.  I have checked with
> her, and she would be willing to serve if nominated.
> Please follow up with other names, or with your support for names
> already expressed.
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