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Jeremy Malcolm jeremy at ciroap.org
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On 17/01/13 10:11, michael gurstein wrote:
> Fifth World Telecommunication/Information and Communication Technology
> Policy Forum 2013 (WTPF) http://www.itu.int/en/wtpf-13/Pages/report-sg.aspx
> I came across this, below as the definition of multi-stakeholderism as
> (presumably) currently understood in various UN fora (it is what was used, I
> believe at WSIS... note particularly d) iii. below... 

That part is all well and good, but the part that worries me (sorry if
you already heard from me about this on another list) is the treatment
of "The Multi-stakeholder Model" in the draft, in which it is correctly
stated that "A divergence in opinion is observed in the implementation
of the WSIS multistakeholder model in the current Internet governance
ecosystem", but that this is a divergence between only two views, one of
which is that "the current governance of the Internet is sufficiently
multistakeholder and inclusive in terms of involvement of all
stakeholder groups" (attributed to Cisco, UK, USA and ISOC), and the
second (attributed to Saudi Arabia and Sudan and Algeria!) that "with
regards to international Internet-related public policy, the role of one
stakeholder – Governments – has not been allowed to evolve according to
WSIS principles".

What about the third, missing view - that the current governance of the
Internet is NOT sufficiently multistakeholder and inclusive in terms of
involvement of all stakeholder groups, but that rather than governments
being left out, it is civil society!  We can point to so many examples
of this, beginning at the ITU itself.

I think the report needs to be changed to correct this erroneous
characteristion of the multi-stakeholder model of Internet governance. 
However the ITU is only receiving submissions from members (there is an
open platform for general comments, but they won't be received as direct
inputs to the SG's report).  We will therefore need to put in our
submission either through a friendly government (those who were members
of delegations at WCIT will already have these connections), or through
a sector member.  Consumers International has applied for sector
membership, but our application does not come up for consideration until
June.  We do have a CI member who is a sector member, but is there
anyone else on this list who also is (and who is less status-quoist than
ISOC)?  If not I will work with my member on some text.


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