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Jeremy Malcolm jeremy at ciroap.org
Mon Jan 21 02:35:33 EST 2013

On 19/01/13 05:49, Norbert Bollow wrote:
> Jeremy Malcolm <jeremy at ciroap.org> wrote:
>> Actually I put together a system that is meant to achieve that:
>> http://a2knetwork.org/meetings/
>> Anyone who registers can list a meeting there and say whether they are
>> attending, and can post a short report there.  It supports multiple
>> reports, too, in the case that more than one delegation is attending. 
>> The main purpose is to identify where there are gaps - important
>> meetings that nobody is covering.  But it only works if enough people
>> use it, so please do.
> So this is intended for all of civil society, rather than just the
> Consumer Movement, to use?
> If yes, then I would suggest that that should be made clearer on the
> website.

It was originally mainly for CI's consumer group members, but it is
clear that it won't be useful unless it is open to others.  In the
longer term I need to look at spinning it off to a more broadly based
network, and making it much nicer like the infojustice-calendar one.  I
already put in place a simple Internet governance calendar system for
the IGC (http://www.igcaucus.org/calendar), but it hasn't been much used
and could also be wrapped into the above.  I am trying to get funding to
support the Best Bits network, mainly as a travel fund for events, but
some Web development work such as this will also be included.


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