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On 17/01/2013, at 10:11 PM, Gene Kimmelman <genekimmelman at gmail.com> wrote:
> These important points remind me that it may be useful to ensure we
> have a process/system for sharing all important information (are
> people comfortable that just posting to the list is the best way?);
> and it also reminds me that it would bve most useful to know who plans
> on attending which upcoming meetings -- I'm thinking particularly
> about the Paris WSIS+10, but it would be great to have a list for all
> major meetings.  Some of us have to decide where to invest money for
> travel, and knowing who will attend may indicate particular gaps in CS
> presence, or meetings where we'll have a critical mass attending who
> can discuss broader policy issues.

Actually I put together a system that is meant to achieve that:


Anyone who registers can list a meeting there and say whether they are
attending, and can post a short report there.  It supports multiple
reports, too, in the case that more than one delegation is attending. 
The main purpose is to identify where there are gaps - important
meetings that nobody is covering.  But it only works if enough people
use it, so please do.

There is also a very nice (nicer than mine, which was done on the cheap)
public calendar that American University has put up, but it only covers
IP meetings, and it doesn't have as much functionality in terms of
showing who is attending.  But anyway, it is useful for showing what is
coming up:


Both calendars have the ability to subscribe in your calendar software
such as Lightning, iCal, Outlook, Google Calendar, etc.


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