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A few quick words from Geneva.  For reference please see:


Yesterday the Chair decided that the comments to the Secretary General's 
4th draft report that were submitted for this meeting will be left to 
the SG to decide on how to incorporate (rather than deliberated by the 
IEG).  This was based upon the Chair's belief that there was not enough 
time to review the new set of comments in detail and that the focus of 
this meeting of the IEG should be on the draft opinions.

The Chair also decided, given the diversity of views on specific issues 
reflected in the opinions, that the drafts would be put into clusters by 
subject and that there would be a convener for each whose responsibility 
would be to find a common and agreed text. /See the latest doc on the 
IEG page on convenors/agenda./ (Note that there are 3 clusters embracing 
multistakeholderism/role of governments/enhanced cooperation, the first 
two of which may be merged.)

Today the clusters have been working on these new revised common 
opinions.  As of 1500 hours GVA, two are ready for plenary review - IXPs 
and Capacity building for IPv6 (available on the IEG site).  Two draft 
opinions (one from UK and one from Iran) on /inclusivity of 
communications for all/ are "no longer being pursued" (effectively 
withdrawn) due to fundamental differences on the text between various 
parties.  Other opinions will not likely be ready for full review until 
tomorrow (certainly the case for the opinion on enhanced cooperation 
where I have been).


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