[bestbits] A CS Position Paper for WSIS +10

michael gurstein gurstein at gmail.com
Sun Feb 10 11:33:55 EST 2013

As part of my own prep for the WSIS +10 review in a couple of weeks I've taken another look at the CS declarations http://www.itu.int/wsis/docs/geneva/civil-society-declaration.pdf and the attached. Apart from some things that don't appear (not much mention of Broadband, none of wireless, nothing on Net Neutrality and so on) the documents seem to stand up quite well as the basis for a position paper for the upcoming review and more importantly for the beginning of the development of an input position for WSIS +10 in 2015.


I'm wondering if there might not be some value in a break out group forming to collaboratively review, discuss and then make comments and suggested updates on that documents as part of the process of CS preparing for WSIS +10 in 2015. It might be most interesting to start off with folks who were directly involved in the original document (my participation in these was almost all virtual so I'm not really very clear as to who that might be) or who have been actively engaged in work related to the document as for example, those working with Information Society Watch and then start to move out from there but of course, no one who aligns themselves with the positions presented in those documents would be excluded.


Perhaps those interested might contact me off-list.  Also, feel free to pass this along to anyone who won't be reached by this mass mailing. 






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