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As I said in a previous email, I think the interpretation some people are giving this bill is mistaken.
And I think any messages should support the primary position, even if there are things we wish to comment critically (after thought and discussion) on.
Of course I am speaking only in relation to IGC and Bestbits, CDT and OTI are none of my concern.

But whatever the case, the conversation on IGC has been going on for all of a day. 
In what way does this qualify as unproductive and stalemated?

I know a few people say "US Bill bad," 
and one says, "not so fast"? 

I thought we were just starting to get into a possibly useful discussion of the role of government in Internet governance. For example just last Thursday the GAC put out a intergovernmental communique that opened up a whole discussion on government wanting ICANN to get into the content regulation business. Does this civil society group think that is an appropriate thing? If the governments were in charge instead of just one stakeholder, that would now be the rule as opposed to a discussion item.

We should really not rush to turn the Internet over to the same organizational structures, governments, that have persisted in making such a mess of the rest of the world. A multi stakeholder model that builds participatory democracy on top of representative democracy and other forms of participation is an advance in democracy, not a loss.

GAC - government advisory committee of ICANN

michael gurstein <gurstein at gmail.com> wrote:

>(Gene and I have been going back and forth on this a bit and he asked
>me to
>forward this.)
>FWIW I think the attached letter presents a very useful platform from
>broader based collaborations and international campaigns in the IG
>areas can
>be developed through the BestBits discussions among others, and perhaps
>help to move the discussion forward on the IGC list beyond the current
>unproductive stalemate.
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