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On 02/10/12 18:44, Jeremy Malcolm wrote:
> This is a counterpart to the previous thread, for ideas about what
> should go into the Internet governance principles statement for the
> IGF that we develop at Best Bits.  Whilst we will be working on this
> face-to-face, it is sensible not to cram our work into one session
> when preparatory work can be done online.

In previous discussions here, nobody has disagreed that we should begin
from an existing document in developing our statement of Internet
governance principles.  However differences of opinion have been
expressed over what would be the most suitable document to use.

Here is a survey which I would encourage you to take, which I presents
four of the most obvious choices, and asks you to rank them according to
your preference:

Please take a few minutes to take the above survey, and I'll present the
options back here in one week.


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