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Tue Oct 16 23:56:43 EDT 2012

On Tuesday 16 October 2012 06:24 PM, William Drake wrote:
> On Oct 16, 2012, at 6:51 AM, parminder wrote:
>> I did a paper on dev agenda in IG last year which is 
>> at 
>> . It speaks about global pubic policy issues and institutional 
>> options. Best, parminder
> Indeed, and basically conflates your views on enhanced cooperation 
> with the notion of a development agenda.

Bill, Jeremy asked participants to upload any background paper that they 
may want to being to the notice of the participants and I did that. Do 
you have any problem with that?

>  Do you believe it'd be easy for a diverse group to reach consensus on 
> such points in a day?

Would you please point me to where I proposed any such thing?

> Here's another development agenda paper 
>  that 
> focused more on the procedural side and argues for having working 
> groups under the IGF aegis, which I'd like to see for enhanced 
> cooperation (to be discussed at the event following BB 

Yes, IGF working groups! Sure enough. I am a great fan of them. Just 
that when a CSTD WG (working group) on IGF improvements was actually 
considering such things, our efforts to include setting up of IGF 
working groups in the WG's report seemed not to find any real support. 
Was that not the right time to ask for instituting IGF working groups.

> Again, I'd argue for an institution building procedural focus as 
> something that might actually be doable in the time available, and 
> useful as input to the IGF meeting.

> Best,
> Bill

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