An even more serious human rights issue

Norbert Bollow nb at
Mon Nov 5 15:35:57 EST 2012

At the Google event tonight, at which very serious local freedom of
expression violations were very skillfully illuminated, there was an
intervention from a young Azeri woman in the audience pointing to a
refugee camp situation as an even more serious human rights violation.
Even if some of what she said was clearly propaganda and not to be
taken too seriously (this includes the attempt to blame the issue of
the displacements connected to the Nagorno-Karabakh war exclusively on the
Armenians, as well as the exaggerated number of a million refugees) it
seems to me that she has a point that it is highly inappropriate if we
(the international community of people who claim to care about human
rights) criticize only the freedom of expression violations but not
the apparantly even more serious issues regarding these refugees.

It seems to me that the Armenian-Azeri conflict probably needs a
longterm externally mediated peacebuilding effort, and in addition
there appear to be some immediate human rights violations with regard
to some of the displaced persons that might get stopped quickly if
they are given the right kind of international attention:


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