UN Censorship

Joonas Mäkinen joonas.makinen at effi.org
Mon Nov 5 11:09:18 EST 2012

I uploaded the pic to pastebay:

Keep sharing!

2012/11/5 Tapani Tarvainen <tapani.tarvainen at effi.org>:
> On Nov 05 19:38, Pranesh Prakash (pranesh at cis-india.org) wrote:
>> This is even worse than the situation with the Chinese in Sharm, and we
>> most certainly must respond.
> Absolutely. Is there a picture of the postcards somewhere in the net?
>> Donny, would you know the name and designation of the UN official?
> Failing that, some brave soul could put the postcards on display
> again and have someone wait with a camera...
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> Tapani Tarvainen

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