tweeting/finalizing the ITU statement?

Kevin Bankston kbankston at
Mon Nov 5 04:50:37 EST 2012

Hi Pranesh--I just wanted to confirm when it will be OK to publicize the document.  We'd love to publish a blog post tonight Baku time (Monday morning in the US) if we can, publicizing the statement and seeking endorsers, though we can wait if the group thinks it's necessary.  Are there any groups/individuals who were in the room or participated remotely who we still haven't heard from?  And do we want to do some kind of coordinated announcement, or is it OK for us all to separately blog and tweet about it?  Perhaps Jeremy should be the first to announce, via Twitter, since he organized the meeting and has been tweeting about the process?

On Nov 4, 2012, at 3:53 PM, Pranesh Prakash wrote:

> Kevin Bankston wrote [2012-11-04 15:30]:
>> We may
>> want to figure out how to try to maximize signers before we submit
>> later today.
> I think we have till the 7th of November (Wednesday) to submit, and would suggest that we keep it open till then.
> We can wait till we finish with the signatories (tonight) before sending it out for endorsements.
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