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Ginger Paque gpaque at
Sun Nov 4 09:01:13 EST 2012

Congratulations on a great meeting for best bits. Discussions were
substantive and excellent. Please add my name as a signer to the statement.

For those who were not there, please note that they probably don't really
mean to limit inclusion to 'everyone in this room' and 'those in this
room', even though they continuously used this phrase. This is a point we
still need to learn. We all must start including those who are not in the
room, and those of us who are not in the room, have to start including
ourselves.  Jump in everyone, jump up and down till they notice us!

Join us at WS 52 Remote Participation: Reality and Principles on Day 4, or
add your contribution to the etherpad statement.

See you online! (even though they just turned the camera off in the Best
Bits room).

Thanks for the good bits, lets work on the rest!

Ginger (Virginia) Paque

VirginiaP at
Diplo Foundation
Internet Governance Capacity Building Programme
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