[bestbits] Coordination during WCIT -- who's attending, who's reporting

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Hi All

Without distracting all of you from the important task of on the ground 
coordination at the WCIT, I will like to draw your attention to the oped 
that I did on WCIT in the larger content of global IG in the top India 
daily 'The Hindu'. It kind of gives a balancing view to what I think it 
often a one-sided campaign with a relatively narrow vision and purpose.



On Thursday 29 November 2012 10:41 AM, Tim Hwang wrote:
> Ack! My mistake - didn't realize there would be the other etherpad 
> setup, please disregard the one I sent out earlier today (i.e. 
> https://foundation.etherpad.mozilla.org/itudubai).
> Thanks,
> Tim
> On Wed, Nov 28, 2012 at 8:01 PM, Emma Llanso <ellanso at cdt.org 
> <mailto:ellanso at cdt.org>> wrote:
>     Hi all,
>     I wanted to share two things CDT has put together for our own
>     information security and coordination during WCIT, which I hope
>     will be helpful to the larger group.  The first is the attached
>     tipsheet on information and device security for people who will be
>     on the ground in Dubai, which our senior staff technologist Joe
>     Hall put together (with some very helpful contributions from
>     NDI).  If anyone has other tips to share, please do! And let me
>     know if you have any questions about the doc.
>     The second is this etherpad setup:
>     https://civ-soc-wcit.etherpad.mozilla.org/. It's a central
>     homepage that can host multiple private and publicly accessible
>     pads/docs; accessing the above URL or any of the private pads
>     requires an account, but anyone with the URL to a public pad (e.g.
>     https://civ-soc-wcit.etherpad.mozilla.org/1) should be able to
>     read it. We thought this provided a good mix of opportunity for
>     relatively secure communication plus potential to create
>     public-facing docs as well.  If you'd like to access the private
>     pads, please email me and ellery at cdt.org <mailto:ellery at cdt.org>
>     and we'd be happy to create an account for you.
>     I've begun keeping a list of civil society attendees (with contact
>     info and hotel, where I know it) on a private pad at the above
>     link, but I'm happy to combine with Tim's pad, if that's easier
>     for folks.  And if you see your information listed but don't want
>     it to be, please let me know!
>     Best,
>     Emma
>     On 11/28/2012 4:09 PM, Lea Kaspar wrote:
>>     Dear Ellery et al,
>>     For those of you I haven't had the pleasure of meeting yet, I'm
>>     Lea Kaspar, working with Global Partners in London.
>>     We are facilitating participation of several groups – I can
>>     post/send the info as soon as I have the final details. Should
>>     this be done to Matthew directly or are we using the etherpad? I
>>     will also be attending the conference as an unaffiliated rep from
>>     Dec 4 to 10.
>>     Unfortunately, I'll be on a plane at the time of the call, but
>>     would like to be kept in the loop about what other folk are
>>     doing/planning. Are you planning to share the list here?
>>     Someone asked about accommodation – I got a very affordable deal
>>     at the hotel IBIS WTC, which seems to be practically adjacent to
>>     the conference venue.
>>     Best,
>>     Lea
>>     From: Rashmi Rangnath <rrangnath at publicknowledge.org
>>     <mailto:rrangnath at publicknowledge.org>>
>>     Date: Wednesday, 28 November 2012 19:39
>>     To: Tim Hwang <tim at mozillafoundation.org
>>     <mailto:tim at mozillafoundation.org>>
>>     Cc: William Drake <william.drake at uzh.ch
>>     <mailto:william.drake at uzh.ch>>, Deborah Brown
>>     <deborah at accessnow.org <mailto:deborah at accessnow.org>>, Ellery
>>     Biddle <ellery at cdt.org <mailto:ellery at cdt.org>>, "wcit12 at cdt.org
>>     <mailto:wcit12 at cdt.org>" <wcit12 at cdt.org
>>     <mailto:wcit12 at cdt.org>>, "bestbits at lists.igcaucus.org
>>     <mailto:bestbits at lists.igcaucus.org>"
>>     <bestbits at lists.igcaucus.org
>>     <mailto:bestbits at lists.igcaucus.org>>, Harold Feld
>>     <hfeld at publicknowledge.org <mailto:hfeld at publicknowledge.org>>
>>     Subject: Re: [bestbits] Coordination during WCIT -- who's
>>     attending, who's reporting
>>     Al:
>>     I and my colleague Harold Feld will be on the US delegation.
>>     I will be in Dubai from December 9th to the14th.
>>     Harold will be there from December 4th to the 12th.
>>     Rashmi
>>     On Wed, Nov 28, 2012 at 2:19 PM, Tim Hwang
>>     <tim at mozillafoundation.org <mailto:tim at mozillafoundation.org>> wrote:
>>         To facilitate the on-the-ground list - I've thrown up a quick
>>         Etherpad page here that people can fill in with information,
>>         if it's helpful:
>>         https://foundation.etherpad.mozilla.org/itudubai
>>         Password is: ITU.
>>         -Tim
>>         On Wed, Nov 28, 2012 at 9:31 AM, William Drake
>>         <william.drake at uzh.ch <mailto:william.drake at uzh.ch>> wrote:
>>             Hi
>>             FWIW I'm on a US del call right now and we just finished
>>             a long briefing on security, thought I'd pass along a
>>             few points of local interest while thinking it:
>>               * expect to be constantly electronically surveilled,
>>                 including in hotels
>>               * expect all electronic communications to be insecure,
>>                 particularly wireless
>>               * keep any confidential info on you rather than in hotel
>>               * USG has received no info on how the government might
>>                 react to any on-site activism of an unapproved
>>                 nature, and if relevant urges US citizens to let
>>                 State or the consulate know they'll be in town.
>>             Make of these what you will….
>>             Cheers,
>>             Bill
>>             On Nov 28, 2012, at 5:12 PM, Deborah Brown wrote:
>>>             Hi all,
>>>             Thanks for coordinating this Ellery/Matthew. Picking up
>>>             on Bill's last point, it might be helpful to include
>>>             people's dates in Dubai in the list to facilitate
>>>             coordination on the ground. I'm happy to lend a hand in
>>>             coordination as well.
>>>             Best,
>>>             Deborah
>>>             On Wed, Nov 28, 2012 at 4:06 AM, William Drake
>>>             <william.drake at uzh.ch <mailto:william.drake at uzh.ch>> wrote:
>>>                 Hi
>>>                 Despite all the debate and mobilization, and ITU
>>>                 staff's refrain that the meeting's fully
>>>                 multistakeholder since people can simply join their
>>>                 national delegations, a cursory scan of the
>>>                 Announced List of Participants as of 27 November
>>>                 shows 1764 participants, only a dozen or so that
>>>                 seem obviously to be civil society—half on the US
>>>                 del, the others scattered.  Caveats apply: a) It may
>>>                 be that I just don't recognize some individual and
>>>                 organizational names so this guesstimate's a little
>>>                 low.  b) In the UN context (WSIS/IGF/CSTD etc) and
>>>                 OECD the technical community and CS are separated,
>>>                 so that's how I count.  I see more TC than CS names
>>>                 on the list, and while most of the former work in
>>>                 the private sector or for administrative bodies like
>>>                 the RIRs, there are some people who are by various
>>>                 standards in both.  c)  The list is being
>>>                 periodically updated, so there may be some late
>>>                 registrations.  All that said, the number seems
>>>                 unlikely to be terribly high.  There may be more CS
>>>                 just coming and hanging around in hopes of getting
>>>                 into any open to the public sessions (TBD Monday),
>>>                 or otherwise populating the hallways, than there are
>>>                 on the delegations.
>>>                 It would be good to have a list with contact details
>>>                 and to establish a communication channel e.g.
>>>                 Skype/mail (although delegation members will have
>>>                 some constraints) if Matthew wants to coordinate.
>>>                 Best,
>>>                 Bill
>>>                 PS: The call time below may not be optimal for
>>>                 people on dels if meetings run late (I'll be on a
>>>                 plane).
>>>                 On Nov 28, 2012, at 12:50 AM, Ellery Biddle wrote:
>>>>                 Hi everyone,
>>>>                 We have been talking here at CDT about various
>>>>                 strategies for communications and coordination
>>>>                 during the WCIT. Lots to think about here. Two
>>>>                 items on this:
>>>>                 First: Who is going to Dubai? We /really/ want to
>>>>                 develop a list of civil society people who will be
>>>>                 in Dubai for the conference. We think it would be
>>>>                 helpful for those attending WCIT to know what other
>>>>                 CS people will be there, and to develop a rough
>>>>                 plan for coordinating once they are in
>>>>                 Dubai. Matthew Shears, ISOC's former policy
>>>>                 director who has been working on ITU issues with
>>>>                 CDT, will be in Dubai on CDT's behalf. He will not
>>>>                 be affiliated with any delegation. *If you or
>>>>                 someone from your organization is going to be in
>>>>                 Dubai (with or without delegate status), and you'd
>>>>                 like to be in touch with other civil society folks
>>>>                 there, please send Matthew an email letting him
>>>>                 know. Matthew's email: mshears at cdt.org
>>>>                 <mailto:mshears at cdt.org>*
>>>>                 Second: How can we coordinate on public
>>>>                 communication about the WCIT? We know that many
>>>>                 CSOs will be blogging, tweeting, and responding to
>>>>                 press inquiries about the WCIT as it's happening.
>>>>                 Given the relatively closed nature of the event, we
>>>>                 know that it may be difficult to get the
>>>>                 information we need in order to do this well, and
>>>>                 that some coordination between groups may help fill
>>>>                 this gap. We also anticipate that rumors and
>>>>                 misinformation may become an issue, as different
>>>>                 delegates may hear different things, etc. In
>>>>                 anticipation of this, we want to propose a group
>>>>                 call for next week. This will be open to any civil
>>>>                 society groups planning to report on WCIT, either
>>>>                 from Dubai or from outside the UAE. Given the size
>>>>                 of these lists, I am setting an arbitrary (though
>>>>                 early, which generally seems best) time and date
>>>>                 for the call. Hope that plenty of folks can join --
>>>>                 we'll take and circulate good notes for those who
>>>>                 can't make it.
>>>>                 *The call will take place on Tuesday, December 4 at
>>>>                 16:00 UTC / 11:00 EST. *A list of international
>>>>                 toll-free call-in numbers is attached. I will
>>>>                 circulate this again, along with a reminder, on Monday.
>>>>                 As always, please feel encouraged to reply to the
>>>>                 list with additional ideas, questions, etc.
>>>>                 Thanks all!
>>>>                 Ellery
>>>>                 Ellery Roberts Biddle
>>>>                 Center for Democracy and Technology <http://cdt.org/>
>>>>                 (415) 814-1711 <tel:%28415%29%20814-1711>
>>>             -- 
>>>             Deborah Brown
>>>             Policy Analyst
>>>             Access | AccessNow.org <http://AccessNow.org>
>>>             E. deborah at accessnow.org <mailto:deborah at accessnow.org>
>>>             S. deborah.l.brown
>>>             T. deblebrown
>>>             PGP 0x5EB4727D
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>>     Public Knowledge
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