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Hi Claudio,

Apologies for my delayed reply. The final script is attached to this email.
We're using Amara for subtitled translations and have translations into
about 20 languages so far. We'd love to have more languages!

Additionally, Mozilla created a remix of this video through the Popcorn
Maker Project. They put together a ~1 minute video that is easy to
personalize, remix, and share. What's great about this version is that it
allows anyone to tweak the content so that the wording and tone is tailored
for your audience. The remixed video and tips on how to use the Popcorn
Maker can be found here:
would be great to know if people are remixing the video!


On Sat, Nov 10, 2012 at 4:36 PM, Claudio Ruiz <claudio at derechosdigitales.org
> wrote:

> Hi Brett,
> It would be nice to upload the script in english to help with the
> subtitles translation on other languages.
> -C
> El sábado, 10 de noviembre de 2012 a las 17:28, Brett Solomon escribió:
> Hey there
> Thanks everyone for a great meeting last week. I thought best bits was
> very good, and provided a format for us for future IGFs to meet before and
> plan our strategies/positions.
> I wanted to send you through the final ITU video. Thanks again for the
> input at the event and in one-on-one conversations afterwards. It was very
> useful.
> Please feel free to use the video in any way you see fit (it's creative
> commons licensed so you can put it up on your site or use bits of it in the
> development of your own content). If anyone wants to translate it or do a
> voiceover, please also let me know!
> We spent quite some time re-editing and finessing. I do believe that we
> need an inside / outside strategy, and hopefully this provides ordinary
> citizens with a view of the risks attached to ITU member states expanding
> the ITU mandate to include aspects of internet governance. Remember, this
> is advocacy content, and as such needs to be somewhat dramatic, educational
> and motivating. Enjoy!
> https://www.whatistheitu.org/
> Best wishes
> Brett
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