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Further to my earlier note the British academic is Peter Willetts and the
reference is 


Non-Governmental Organizations in World Politics: The construction of global

by Peter Willetts, Emeritus Professor of Global Politics at City University,




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Hi Brett,


Good  job!  I think that overall this is balanced and presents very well,


Two smallish quibbles. and in the spirit of a "friendly amendment.

* the video refers several times to the role of government and techies in
the early development of the Internet.  The private sector would probably
also insist on its role here but as well, several historians have now
pointed to the role of Civil Society (and particularly GreenNet/APC) in the
development of the early protocols managing the international networking of
the Internet and particularly into and linking with LDC's. It might be well
to acknowledge that somewhere (I've misplaced  the reference to the
historian who made a very strong case in this regard in his inaugural
address as a VC at one of the English universities -- if anyone has the
reference easily to hand I'ld appreciate to have it passed along). 

* at the end of the video there is a reference to not wanting to  turn over
"key decisions concerning the Internet to the ITU".  While not disagreeing
with those sentiments, there are a lot of other agencies/institutions that I
would equally not want to be (or want to continue) making key decisions
concerning the Internet.  My suggestion here would be to add a sentence
indicating more positively what the characteristics should be in whoever (or
however) these key decisions are made including--open, transparent,
inclusive, people centred, multi-stakeholder and so on.


Best and good luck with it,





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Hey there

Thanks everyone for a great meeting last week. I thought best bits was very
good, and provided a format for us for future IGFs to meet before and plan
our strategies/positions.

I wanted to send you through the final ITU video. Thanks again for the input
at the event and in one-on-one conversations afterwards. It was very useful.

Please feel free to use the video in any way you see fit (it's creative
commons licensed so you can put it up on your site or use bits of it in the
development of your own content). If anyone wants to translate it or do a
voiceover, please also let me know!

We spent quite some time re-editing and finessing. I do believe that we need
an inside / outside strategy, and hopefully this provides ordinary citizens
with a view of the risks attached to ITU member states expanding the ITU
mandate to include aspects of internet governance. Remember, this is
advocacy content, and as such needs to be somewhat dramatic, educational and
motivating. Enjoy!

Best wishes


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