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Hamadoun Touré has an Op-Ed in Wired





I'm unclear as to why Civil Society should be aligning itself with the
almost universal chorus of corporate and Developed Country national voices
condemning Toure/the ITU if, as he says, in his opening paragraph


With over 90 percent of the world’s people now within reach of mobile
phones, the challenge today is bringing internet access to the two-thirds of
the world’s population that is still offline. This challenge is compounded
by the need to ensure connectivity is affordable and safe for all.


and then 


The conference will chart a globally agreed-upon roadmap that offers future
connectivity to all, and ensures sufficient communications capacity to cope
with the exponential growth in voice, video, and data. The sole focus of the
event is making regulations valuable to all stakeholders, creating a robust
pillar to support future growth in global communications.




The conference will address issues that relate to improving online access
and connectivity for everyone.


Surely these are appropriate goals for Civil Society as well and, rather
than joining the universal condemnation of the WCIT, CS should be looking
for ways of supporting the above goals while pursuing its own goals of
enhanced transparency and multi-stakeholder involvement in ITU processes; as
well, of course, aligning with potential allies in the corporate sector and
national governments in areas where there may be a clear consistency of
interests as in ensuring rights of privacy and free expression.



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