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Wed Nov 7 15:05:00 EST 2012

Hi Jeremy

A few comments on the draft of the press release

1. the heading - "NGOs: Internet governance will evolve, but not through
ITU" mis represents what was agreed at the meeting. We did agree in the
last sentence of our statement or an ITU role in net neutrality, universal
service etc, vis a vis the Internet. At another place too we identify
which layer of the Internet onwards (alone) no 'regulation' should take
place.   In this light, I cant understand why a heading that calls for the
ITU to take its hands off all parts and aspects of the Internet is being

2. in a later part of the draft, the phrase 'Besides criticizing the ITR
revision plans' suggests that we want no revision at all of the ITRs, As
someone said at our meeting, even EU (if i remember right) also agrees
that some revisions (in whichever directions)may indeed be needed. So, the
use of this phrase is not appropriate.

3. The part " calls upon the ITU to promote principles such as affordable
access to the Internet and effective competition" seem to conspicuously
miss .net neutrality'. Is there any specific reason for that.

4. I have a problem with putting the headline as it is , and then saying
'Besides criticising the ITR revision plans, the same group of civil
society organisations and experts also laid out a positive agenda for the
Internet Governance Forum;. This seem to suggest that the kind of things
we want to stop from happening at the ITU should rather happen at the
IGF..... This is a wrong equation. ITU and IGF are entirely in different
parts of a policy making ecology. One cant replace the other..... Any such
indication should be clearly avoided.



> Here's a draft press release for tomorrow:
> http://igcaucus.org:9001/p/bestbits_pr
> Sorry for the delay, which was because I lost Internet connectivity for
> most of the day.
> Feel free to jump in and improve it; I'll print it when I get back to the
> hotel tonight, or at the IGF tomorrow.  We have hit 30 signatories by my
> records (Pranesh, does your list accord with mine?), and we are now also
> accepting endorsements, which can be added directly on the website:
> http://bestbits.igf-online.net/statement/.
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