[bestbits] Next steps on principles (was Re: Coordination...)

Norbert Bollow nb at bollow.ch
Mon Dec 3 06:01:28 EST 2012

Anriette Esterhuysen <anriette at apc.org> wrote:

> And leading on from this, there needs to be recourse and remedy for
> people whose rights are being violated. Can this be achieved without
> any regulatory intervention? I would say it cannot. Is the ITU the
> right place to lead the development such an intervention? Definitely
> not, but that does not mean that telecoms regulation is irrelevant to
> securing a fair and open internet and it is really good that so many
> new people are engaging ITU processes.
> This does bring us back to our 'Best Bits' goal about developing and
> proposing principles for internet governance. Should we not begin to
> plan our next steps?


How can things realistically be moved forward in a positive,
constructive way?


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