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I've been in touch with Guy Berger at UNESCO and they're happy to give us a couple more days.  At this stage we can keep it broad. I'll put something together for Wednesday if you like if you send me ideas

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Jeremy--thanks so much for the offer of help--would you perhaps be up for trying to draft a first cut at a submission based on the dialogue on the list thus far?

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Watching this very interesting discussing, and looking at the impending deadline for workshop proposals for the WSIS+10 review meeting Feb 25-27 in Paris (<>)--proposals are due tomorrow, Monday the 10th, form attached--we at CDT were wondering whether it might make sense for some of the Best Bits participants to collaborate on a workshop proposal on the positive agenda issue.  Perhaps a "developing a positive civil society agenda on internet governance" type of workshop if the meeting format would tolerate a civil society-dominated workshop, or perhaps a more broadly constituted panel focusing on "If not the ITU, then what? Positive visions for the future of internet governance".  (I suggest the former simply because it would be the easiest to put together on such short notice, since most if not all of the best potential panelists are already on this list, and indeed, are perhaps already on this thread).

I would strongly support this, it is a good way of picking up where we left off last time, and after WCIT the time is ripe.  The only problem is that it clashes with a Consumers International meeting that is in New Delhi at the same time, so I wouldn't be able to be there in person.  But I would like to be involved in the preparation and in framing the discussion.


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