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Dear Colleagues,

Sorry for changing the subject line on this thread

Are you aware of "Budapest Conference on Cyberspace" that is being hosted by
Hungarian Government on 4-5 October in Budapest?  We have been told that
this event is the follow up of London Conference in 2011 and supposed to be
a high level conference with prime ministers from Hungary, UK, Korea and
several other EU countries participating in it.

We received an invitation from Hungarian Foreign Minister and very very
unusually a follow up call by the Hungarian Ambassador in Islamabad
requesting a meeting for briefing on this event. We have agreed to meet with
the Ambassador on 16th August and then we will have more info about it.
However, we feel that organizing government engaging with the potential
participants at that level probably makes this event worth following
especially for the EU organizations

Anyone else in this group received an invitation? I thought that I should
flag this here for the information of everyone.

Best wishes and regards


From:  Jeremy Malcolm <jeremy at>
Date:  Saturday, August 11, 2012 6:16 AM
To:  <bestbits at>
Subject:  Second draft of concept note for "Best Bits" meeting - sign-ons
now sought

Hello again all,

Three sets of comments were received on the first draft of the concept note,
so here is the second draft with revision marks to show the changes.  Note
that I am still waiting on some quotes before I can finalise the budget.

You will also notice that at the very end there is a place for supporting
organisations to add their names.  If you are happy with the concept and
would like to add your name as a supporting organisation, please let me know
so that we can add you here.

Later, we will reach out to individuals from amongst your organisations and
the others listed as potential participants, about moderating or presenting
at particular sessions.  Everyone will have an opportunity to participate in
their area of expertise.

Many thanks for your support for this idea.


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